Thursday, May 28, 2009

On The Rock...


Each movement of this precious water,
so lifeless but full of soul,
captures my breath in such a world,
a world to most people, untold.
Sitting near this waterfall, makes my mind
such a peace set still,
informs me to understand my immortal man,
makes me love nature's will.
Every time it splashes againts the stones,
it shakes my chest to know,
that such beauty could come from only one man,
the only one who made my own soul.

His name is in every splash.....

His eye in every reflection of the sun,

the reflection pounces from it to my face...

like He's saying, "Well done, my son...."

I turn around...and there before me I cry in awe
at Heaven.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Since your broke my heart, I had to cut out a new one...

You are the one I saw, the one I saw that perfect night,
Your glimmering eyes were like a stambing claw,
leaving a cut in my heart so deep and tight.
You image standing there was like a angel in the mist,
your outside appearance so beautiful at first,
I figured if I never met you what I'd miss,
but then when I got to know you, you cut my
heart out with hurt.
I cry every single day, thinking about your glimmering eyes,
ignoring the sharp, piercing claws, which leaves my
life in a living sigh.
I tried to gain back the cut up pieces, even tried
with my skin, but no matter how perfect the shape of the
heart was, it didnt at all, fit in.
Now that you have gone away, away from me at last,
I still cry and shed bloody tears, thinking about
what you did in the past.
My heart now seeps out sadness, but yet slowly it mends,
because I fell in love with another person,
a man beyond all men.
I reached out my hand, and cried out to my love,
It is the Lord of all creation I love so much now,
all about Him is perfect love,
a love that is WOW!

Now my heart is back together, because He is the one
that made my heart into a man beyond all men.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stay with me Forever

Grip me tight, never let me go,
I want your little palm around me,
all the way up till I'm old.
Grip my heart with your little eyes,
capture me with grace,
grip my spirit with your angelic smile,
set so perfectly on your face.
Hang on to my shirt, hang on with your hands,
never leave my hugs, because you are the one
who makes me a man.
Please never grow up, to a adult so you can leave,
because I would have nothing more so adorable,
than what I have now, all that I achieved.

Never let me go....

I hear your cry so blue...

Now, eightteen years later....

You cranked up the car and left,

without saying "I love you..."

Now I sit here and cry.....after you...

"I hope this isn't my future.."

It's so hard to forget about forgetting you...

It's so hard to forget about forgetting you,
I couldn't do it if I tried.
Every time my mind sets on it,
I break down and start to cry.
Why is it hard to forget about forgetting you?
Your images burns in my thoughts,
like a bug caught in a spider's web,
that word explains it all: caught.
Never cross a troubled path, with such pain along the way,
because no matter how hard you try to forget AFTER,
they haunt your mind an stay....
So I guess I sit another stormy night, with your image
on fire in my mind. I guess I can never forget about forgetting you,
I guess I'll just feel bad that you are not mine....


Cupid Shot Himself...