Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Preview of my next novel: Up in Crow Lake pg.12

“You will have a fun time, trust me….” Aden’s breath never felt so hot prior to earlier, for some reason it seemed to be suggesting a little bit of assurance in his voice, but, Collette knew better than to trust him, but still, after a day like this, trust seemed to be missing.
Collette barely opened her mouth to speak, but it stopped seeing that no words would come out yet.
Should I trust him? She asked herself. Suddenly a credulous thought came and she shrugged. sure….I have to have fun after all this dreadfulness.
Aden took in a deep breath, and slowly exhaled. Collette eyed his, for some reason he seemed more charming than he had ever been. The soft overcast poured over his face and glossy blown hair that bleached his appearance, he looked as if he was some kind of angel.
But angels could be angels of hell… Collette reminded herself, looking away, gradually tapping her fingers to show edginess.
She could sense from the corner of her eye Aden was watching.
“Listen Collette, you don’t have to be afraid of me, remember the times we went out and had a actual good time?
Collette didn’t speak, for her reply she ogled him quickly with a balanced smile then gawked out the window again.
She could hear Aden letting out a breath of impatience.
“You will have fun….”
“What kind of party is it?
Aden seemed surprised she finally started a conversation.
With a smile, Aden replied. “Well, what other kind of party is there….a party that is going to be fun!” he gave her a thumbs up then jerked the car to the right.
The car squealed as it turned, causing Collette to giggle.
Aden began to chuckle himself. “Yeah, I know it….the times we had in this car….going places, seeing places…” he let out a quick chortle then finished: “remember the first time we got in this thing, it never squeaked so loud in it’s whole long life…”
After reminded of the memory, Collette faded her smile and rested her head on her right hand, shoulder resting on the door.
Aden knew he made a mistake saying that. He patted her leg then took a sharp left once a mile down.
It was forty seconds that passed when he finally apologized.
“I’m sorry Collette, I didn’t mean to—”
“Because of your rump I had to get a abortion…” Collette didn’t mean to spurt out her words as imply as she meant, but she showed no signs of regret.
Fury remained in her for the rest of the trip, Aden seemed to be sad yet perturbed along the way, but no one said a word, until the moment the car pulled in a driveway where what it looked like a warehouse.
Once the car was parked, next to fifty other mustangs, corvettes, and convertibles, making his car look like a piece of trash, which it was, Aden gave Collette a tranquil look and lastly spoken. “Listen, I’m sorry I reminded you of that….I know that was a huge mistake, we were both drunk…and—”
“I was drunk…” Collette alleged. “I was drunk that night and out of my mind, and you weren’t, you knew better than to do what you did….just…PLEASE, drop it and lets get this over with…”
“You mean, you still want to go?” Aden showed no thought about what she had said, yet responded on her wanted to go, which made Collette even angrier.
As they got out of the car, the sounds of disco and heavy metal filled her ears from the inside of the warehouse.
“This is a warehouse, isn’t it?” she asked, as they walked to the door, slowly but swiftly.
“Yeah, shut down years ago, all the adults have a little party to reminded them of their youth, you’ll feel eighteen again, trust me…”
There was his words again, trust me….the words Collette did have confidence in until the night he did what he did.
Collette put it aside and told herself she would go in and have a fun time with other people.
“I sure do need my inner youth…” Collette whispered, mist of entering the door Aden had to open for her.
Inside, Collette’s eyes widen at all the people drinking and dancing, different colors crammed the massive room, and once in Collette tried to have fun, but all the time in there all she thought about was her parents sitting up in the clouds looking down, with poignant expressions on their faces.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Real Father

Father, that is what i am going to become, a father like YOU!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Your Side to Mine....

My side is so stiff,
my side is so full of pain.
My side is nothing without the comfurt of your love,
I found it throughout the rain.
Throughout the storm faced in my life,
I found you by my side,
to help me be lifted up from all hell,
I am so glad now you are mine.
I feel like a little child next to you,
my heart as tender as can be.
I feel like grasping your hand through the thunder,
and for you to show me what I could see.
What I could see through the mist,
of the gloom coiling among the trees,
that stops my trail to happiness,
forced on the rock that makes myself me.
I feel like the only person who is left alive,
suffering through tempting hell,
what could I get, besides your side to mine,
NOTHING, that makes me a better male.

NOTHING, but your side to mine...

I love you Jesus

Friday, July 17, 2009

I will Never forget you, but I'm Over You...

This post is special to me. I want to say that I miss my lost love with all my heart, but now, after all the tears, I want to say, I am over it. Eveylnn, I am over you for good, what you did to me broke my heart, shattered my soul, but, God is now in me so much I just want to return what you did to me, break your heart, by saying, I am happy now without you. You left without saying goodbye, well, that's one thing I am going to say, goodbye, forever. I still miss you, but I am now over all the tears. You leaving me must mean something, that there is someone else out there better than you for me, and I will treat her like I treated you, speical, with love and protection. I am not like all the other boys out there, I am a MAN, and I will never do anything hurtful to anyone like you did to me....

Sunday, July 5, 2009


After the days of countless tears,
after the moment of all the limitless sorrow,
you stand now after all these years,
and you see life's decsion road more narrow.
I cant beleive that your heart wont let anguish go,
let it flee from your inner being.
Why is your mind swirling when it comes to the right road,
what is it that your not seeing?
After time and time I tried to help you, but
you take another path, now since you wont let me help no more,
your life is wondering how long it will last.
Now this day I say I cant take it any loner, your life is
your life, even though your mind sees the right way,
it all leads to horrible strife, and you let the devil
have it's say.
Now I see you looking at a sign in the middle of the road,
which says the word, Happy, with a pointed green arrow.
You stand before it and wondering, wether this sign leads
to satisfaction and out of harm's way.
Baby, all i could tell you is to try it out, and see if
it leads you the right way.
I have had it trying to pursuade you what is right for your life,
I have had it trying to get you to see where protection and love lyes.
All I want you to do now is follow that green arrow, and see for yourself
where your future lyes.
And now, afer weeks of praying, you finally step along the green arrow's
path, finally going to see where it lyes, flee from your horrible past.
And now all I can do is sit here, and see where you will go,
because baby, what you are looking for is protection and love, and you
need it before your old.
Now I sit with a contented smile on my face, as I watch you saunter up the road
some more.
Finally, you take a right turn and follow some steps, and what you then face,
is a old wooden door.
On the door where the green arrow took you, says in big letters, happiness
and protection is behind this door, all you have to do is to knock, and wait
till your life to finally soar, flee from all the mock.
With a bit of delight now in your face, you reach out your hand and start
to knock.
And you wait to see what your going to face, and when it opened, you stood
in shock.
What was behind that door stood your happiness and protection you always wanted to
see. Baby, I been trying to tell you all these cruical times, that behind that
door is your answer, baby, it's me....

Thursday, June 25, 2009


So gently I touch my fingertips on the damp coldness,
of this foggy window before me that stops my alluring trail,
I have always been behind the window that lays before me,
the window that stops me from going to hell.
I am so happy God placed this foggy window to blur such things,
in my life, such as evil sights to behold,
all the sin that drips honey on my tounge, now because of my window
changes to nasty mold.
Now that God has given a foggy blur on all my temptation,
to get rid of all the evil and sin at last...
I can place my finger pointing to my bright future,
and away from my horrible past...
I look forward now to each day of my life,
with my little foggy window to shield all enticement,
that would forever leave a shatter to my heart if not there,
and slaughter all my spiritual excitement.
What would my life be like without my foggy damp window,
to know that would cause me to go insane,
to even know that all temptation will pour over me,
would cope me to cry out in the rain.

Without this window, that I place my finger upon,
would swathe me with malevolence on my life's trail...

without this blockage God gave me, my life would be
dispenced into hell....

God, I am so glad you gave me this window....to block
out the love of my life: HER

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Slaughtered Heart

I died the moment you left me,
mind and soul gone with dust,
I cried the moment you stabbed me,
with a emotion like a knife of rust...
I sighed with concern about your life,
how you going to live without me?
I lied to myself you were going through no strife..
but you didnt, you showed me...

How can encrusted depression hurt so much on me,
mind and soul gone with dust...
How can you leave me after you died the last time,
that we touched?

I guess I sit here another sad day.....but then YOU
showed me wrong,
the moment I found God it took your vision along...
along with the dust...
along with the knife, caked with gruesome rust..
along with the wind,
and away from me....

Im so glad you are gone and He took your place...

now i'm free.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Red Room...

You find yourself in a red room, no windows or doors
to escape.
You find your life seeking love and protection from
someone, and you feel it's too late.
I know how you captured my eyes, I knew what it was
the first time I saw you.
My stomach churned with butterflies,
my mind typed the words: Baby, I love You,
but you didn't think I did.
Never thought I would...
Never told yourself I will protect you with my arms..
be someone you thought I should....
So now you let go of my hand, still wondering in your
mind wether I'm right....
Baby, my hand now aches for yours...i ache
to hold you through the night...
But you will never let me be with you,
never let me capture your tears...
How could you not think I will protect you,
after all these unforgotton years?
Now since I sit here crying, by the phone,
no sound at all.....I just wish you let me say
one thing....I would, the second you will call...
But the phone sits gathering dust,
I can feel a tear from it's soul...
I just wish you would call me, settle this before i'm old.
If you will just punch my number in,
move your lips to form the words: "I dont want to be apart..."
Then I would tell you something I was longing to say,
"Remember the red room you find yourself in, baby....that's
my heart...."

This poem is seriously COPTWRITED!! I am NOT afraid to sue if

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Thought I'd post and show you all my picture!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm living proof of a heart so pure, knowing nothing
more than the true word, of such peace beyond all man,
crumbling crust on my past no longer endures.
I'm just a human, a brain with nothing more than matter,
a heart besides everything else pure,
than how come every time I seek HIM, my brain operates my
soul less sadder and sadder, establishing it to know I want more!
I'm nothing more than a spect on this red earth,
surrounded by evil, terror and lust,
how come this little spect can have such joy beyond joy,
every time I think about what I must?

I'm just a human....created by God's clay to serve Him...


I thought I'd post and say that a week or two ago my preacher's daughter, who'm I not giving out the name, was very, very, sick one night and had to go to the hospital pronto. She first started with a headache, then she had a few heart attacks, then as the weights tugged at the time, she started having blood clots, and other symtoms. Severe symtoms. Well, one day we were told they placed her on intensive care, and we were told she would not make it through the night. Well, that sunday everyone in the church prayed on a few prayer cloths, placed them under her pillow that night, then, a day or two later, we were told that there was NOTHING wrong with her, like there was nothing happening bad at all, we were told she would be comming home soon, NO surgery, NO more hospital....WOW. The next sunday was pacted! I am so thankful she's alright now, no one healed her but God. But still, I want to pray for her and hope other's pray as well. I am so proud to place this on my site to share.

My school was having a competition, along with all the other schools in Georgia, and of course, I had to be involved. Well, it was for some "persuade people to buckle up!!" competition, in a few weeks I'm going to see if I won! I won last year, out of my whole county, but didn't succeed in the whole state, maybe I'll get it this year! The winner gets $150 and a reward.

Few weeks later: I found out I won out of my whole county! I got a reward and a first place ribon, plus a reward for being the best artist out of my whole school.

Few weeks later (last week): I found out I didnt win the contest out of the whole state, cheers for the person who did.

Now, school is out! I thought I'd post and say I just completed tenth with A and B, passing! Sadly, I dont know if I am goign back next year, I'm trying to see if I can find a good CHRISTAIN school were I could work at my own pace and get my diploma at home. Pray that I do.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

On The Rock...


Each movement of this precious water,
so lifeless but full of soul,
captures my breath in such a world,
a world to most people, untold.
Sitting near this waterfall, makes my mind
such a peace set still,
informs me to understand my immortal man,
makes me love nature's will.
Every time it splashes againts the stones,
it shakes my chest to know,
that such beauty could come from only one man,
the only one who made my own soul.

His name is in every splash.....

His eye in every reflection of the sun,

the reflection pounces from it to my face...

like He's saying, "Well done, my son...."

I turn around...and there before me I cry in awe
at Heaven.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Since your broke my heart, I had to cut out a new one...

You are the one I saw, the one I saw that perfect night,
Your glimmering eyes were like a stambing claw,
leaving a cut in my heart so deep and tight.
You image standing there was like a angel in the mist,
your outside appearance so beautiful at first,
I figured if I never met you what I'd miss,
but then when I got to know you, you cut my
heart out with hurt.
I cry every single day, thinking about your glimmering eyes,
ignoring the sharp, piercing claws, which leaves my
life in a living sigh.
I tried to gain back the cut up pieces, even tried
with my skin, but no matter how perfect the shape of the
heart was, it didnt at all, fit in.
Now that you have gone away, away from me at last,
I still cry and shed bloody tears, thinking about
what you did in the past.
My heart now seeps out sadness, but yet slowly it mends,
because I fell in love with another person,
a man beyond all men.
I reached out my hand, and cried out to my love,
It is the Lord of all creation I love so much now,
all about Him is perfect love,
a love that is WOW!

Now my heart is back together, because He is the one
that made my heart into a man beyond all men.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stay with me Forever

Grip me tight, never let me go,
I want your little palm around me,
all the way up till I'm old.
Grip my heart with your little eyes,
capture me with grace,
grip my spirit with your angelic smile,
set so perfectly on your face.
Hang on to my shirt, hang on with your hands,
never leave my hugs, because you are the one
who makes me a man.
Please never grow up, to a adult so you can leave,
because I would have nothing more so adorable,
than what I have now, all that I achieved.

Never let me go....

I hear your cry so blue...

Now, eightteen years later....

You cranked up the car and left,

without saying "I love you..."

Now I sit here and cry.....after you...

"I hope this isn't my future.."

It's so hard to forget about forgetting you...

It's so hard to forget about forgetting you,
I couldn't do it if I tried.
Every time my mind sets on it,
I break down and start to cry.
Why is it hard to forget about forgetting you?
Your images burns in my thoughts,
like a bug caught in a spider's web,
that word explains it all: caught.
Never cross a troubled path, with such pain along the way,
because no matter how hard you try to forget AFTER,
they haunt your mind an stay....
So I guess I sit another stormy night, with your image
on fire in my mind. I guess I can never forget about forgetting you,
I guess I'll just feel bad that you are not mine....


Cupid Shot Himself...