Saturday, June 20, 2009

Red Room...

You find yourself in a red room, no windows or doors
to escape.
You find your life seeking love and protection from
someone, and you feel it's too late.
I know how you captured my eyes, I knew what it was
the first time I saw you.
My stomach churned with butterflies,
my mind typed the words: Baby, I love You,
but you didn't think I did.
Never thought I would...
Never told yourself I will protect you with my arms..
be someone you thought I should....
So now you let go of my hand, still wondering in your
mind wether I'm right....
Baby, my hand now aches for yours...i ache
to hold you through the night...
But you will never let me be with you,
never let me capture your tears...
How could you not think I will protect you,
after all these unforgotton years?
Now since I sit here crying, by the phone,
no sound at all.....I just wish you let me say
one thing....I would, the second you will call...
But the phone sits gathering dust,
I can feel a tear from it's soul...
I just wish you would call me, settle this before i'm old.
If you will just punch my number in,
move your lips to form the words: "I dont want to be apart..."
Then I would tell you something I was longing to say,
"Remember the red room you find yourself in, baby....that's
my heart...."

This poem is seriously COPTWRITED!! I am NOT afraid to sue if


J.R. Parker said...

Beautiful poem, Adam.

Future RN said...

Its a beautiful poem!!!
don't worry I am to old for you=)
I'm 20 this august right now I am going to RN school, after I graduate I am going to south India to help out.
But seriously your poems are awesome I have to say you have a deep heart. Plus most girls love this kind of poems so if you ever have to sing under a window your song/poem is already don't get a big head!!!!
P.S Thanx for the post!!! I really loved it!!!

Waiting and praying too... said...

Hey i just read your comment on "sweetheart" Sorry about that, I wish I had some comforting words but I myself have never gone through that so all I can say is some girls are not worth it! She obviously was not made for you...don't worry God's got "her" out there for you!!! Just wait and pray.