Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I thought I'd post and say that a week or two ago my preacher's daughter, who'm I not giving out the name, was very, very, sick one night and had to go to the hospital pronto. She first started with a headache, then she had a few heart attacks, then as the weights tugged at the time, she started having blood clots, and other symtoms. Severe symtoms. Well, one day we were told they placed her on intensive care, and we were told she would not make it through the night. Well, that sunday everyone in the church prayed on a few prayer cloths, placed them under her pillow that night, then, a day or two later, we were told that there was NOTHING wrong with her, like there was nothing happening bad at all, we were told she would be comming home soon, NO surgery, NO more hospital....WOW. The next sunday was pacted! I am so thankful she's alright now, no one healed her but God. But still, I want to pray for her and hope other's pray as well. I am so proud to place this on my site to share.


tristan said...

Dear Adam,

I'm sincerely sorry about your mother. You are a very brave and caring young man. Your blog shows you care more about others than yourself.

Blogging, writing, sharing is good therapy. My wife has a terminal illness. Besides my faith, writing is the only thing that helps.

It's my escape, my therapy, my solitude, my comfort.

Thanks for sharing yours, Tristan

Amber said...

That is awesome. Isn't God great! That just shows what can happen if we get on our knees and pray. Thanks you for sharing.

Gabrielle said...

That's amazing. God is so awesome. I can never stop thanking him for healing one of my best friends who had cancer.