Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My school was having a competition, along with all the other schools in Georgia, and of course, I had to be involved. Well, it was for some "persuade people to buckle up!!" competition, in a few weeks I'm going to see if I won! I won last year, out of my whole county, but didn't succeed in the whole state, maybe I'll get it this year! The winner gets $150 and a reward.

Few weeks later: I found out I won out of my whole county! I got a reward and a first place ribon, plus a reward for being the best artist out of my whole school.

Few weeks later (last week): I found out I didnt win the contest out of the whole state, cheers for the person who did.

Now, school is out! I thought I'd post and say I just completed tenth with A and B, passing! Sadly, I dont know if I am goign back next year, I'm trying to see if I can find a good CHRISTAIN school were I could work at my own pace and get my diploma at home. Pray that I do.


Amber said...

You might want to check out homeschool. ABeka Book is a very good curriculum. You have to do the school in a certain amount of time but you can set it up where you send in reports and they keep your grades for you. I don't know what your willing to pay but honestly it is less expensive then going to the Christian schools in our area. We might not homeschool though this next year because of some stuff but anyways awesome job on winning for the county.

the firt time milk came through your nose said...

Congrats on winning the art feels good to be recognized for being a good artist. I know. But really we are just using God's gifts what a great God!!! Love your music selection. And thanks for writing back at the top right hand corner. I like to know your reading these:)
And I suggest you no longer drink milk......
Molley 1of4 and JR'S dear cousin.

me again said...

I meant FIRST..."The first time milk came through your nose"