Friday, July 31, 2009

Your Side to Mine....

My side is so stiff,
my side is so full of pain.
My side is nothing without the comfurt of your love,
I found it throughout the rain.
Throughout the storm faced in my life,
I found you by my side,
to help me be lifted up from all hell,
I am so glad now you are mine.
I feel like a little child next to you,
my heart as tender as can be.
I feel like grasping your hand through the thunder,
and for you to show me what I could see.
What I could see through the mist,
of the gloom coiling among the trees,
that stops my trail to happiness,
forced on the rock that makes myself me.
I feel like the only person who is left alive,
suffering through tempting hell,
what could I get, besides your side to mine,
NOTHING, that makes me a better male.

NOTHING, but your side to mine...

I love you Jesus


me!!! said...

NICE!!!!..sorry my comp is well...sick so i dont get online as much, plz dont doubt that i love u poems!!!...this is really good!!!!....why change the name of ur blog????...
hope to hear from u soon;)

Adam said...

Because i like the title better than take my heart, and sorry you are sick, thanks again for your kindness.

sanjeet said...

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