Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Preview of my next novel: Up in Crow Lake pg.12

“You will have a fun time, trust me….” Aden’s breath never felt so hot prior to earlier, for some reason it seemed to be suggesting a little bit of assurance in his voice, but, Collette knew better than to trust him, but still, after a day like this, trust seemed to be missing.
Collette barely opened her mouth to speak, but it stopped seeing that no words would come out yet.
Should I trust him? She asked herself. Suddenly a credulous thought came and she shrugged. sure….I have to have fun after all this dreadfulness.
Aden took in a deep breath, and slowly exhaled. Collette eyed his, for some reason he seemed more charming than he had ever been. The soft overcast poured over his face and glossy blown hair that bleached his appearance, he looked as if he was some kind of angel.
But angels could be angels of hell… Collette reminded herself, looking away, gradually tapping her fingers to show edginess.
She could sense from the corner of her eye Aden was watching.
“Listen Collette, you don’t have to be afraid of me, remember the times we went out and had a actual good time?
Collette didn’t speak, for her reply she ogled him quickly with a balanced smile then gawked out the window again.
She could hear Aden letting out a breath of impatience.
“You will have fun….”
“What kind of party is it?
Aden seemed surprised she finally started a conversation.
With a smile, Aden replied. “Well, what other kind of party is there….a party that is going to be fun!” he gave her a thumbs up then jerked the car to the right.
The car squealed as it turned, causing Collette to giggle.
Aden began to chuckle himself. “Yeah, I know it….the times we had in this car….going places, seeing places…” he let out a quick chortle then finished: “remember the first time we got in this thing, it never squeaked so loud in it’s whole long life…”
After reminded of the memory, Collette faded her smile and rested her head on her right hand, shoulder resting on the door.
Aden knew he made a mistake saying that. He patted her leg then took a sharp left once a mile down.
It was forty seconds that passed when he finally apologized.
“I’m sorry Collette, I didn’t mean to—”
“Because of your rump I had to get a abortion…” Collette didn’t mean to spurt out her words as imply as she meant, but she showed no signs of regret.
Fury remained in her for the rest of the trip, Aden seemed to be sad yet perturbed along the way, but no one said a word, until the moment the car pulled in a driveway where what it looked like a warehouse.
Once the car was parked, next to fifty other mustangs, corvettes, and convertibles, making his car look like a piece of trash, which it was, Aden gave Collette a tranquil look and lastly spoken. “Listen, I’m sorry I reminded you of that….I know that was a huge mistake, we were both drunk…and—”
“I was drunk…” Collette alleged. “I was drunk that night and out of my mind, and you weren’t, you knew better than to do what you did….just…PLEASE, drop it and lets get this over with…”
“You mean, you still want to go?” Aden showed no thought about what she had said, yet responded on her wanted to go, which made Collette even angrier.
As they got out of the car, the sounds of disco and heavy metal filled her ears from the inside of the warehouse.
“This is a warehouse, isn’t it?” she asked, as they walked to the door, slowly but swiftly.
“Yeah, shut down years ago, all the adults have a little party to reminded them of their youth, you’ll feel eighteen again, trust me…”
There was his words again, trust me….the words Collette did have confidence in until the night he did what he did.
Collette put it aside and told herself she would go in and have a fun time with other people.
“I sure do need my inner youth…” Collette whispered, mist of entering the door Aden had to open for her.
Inside, Collette’s eyes widen at all the people drinking and dancing, different colors crammed the massive room, and once in Collette tried to have fun, but all the time in there all she thought about was her parents sitting up in the clouds looking down, with poignant expressions on their faces.


long time no see said...

WOW.....this is interesting....hmmmm i want to read the whole book ....hmmmm well tell me when u publish hahaha i will buy ur first copy..:)..so how is life treating u? my life is ok...school is a drag but hahah ohhh well...:) sorry 4 not being on here more ...comp still dead...arrrrgggg...hehehheh..:) well chat with u soon i hope..:) missy molley

allison said...

hey! omgsh!! this is so well written!!! im so glad i spotted your links on fb :) im definatly going to have to read the whole thing once i can!! :)

i like the music too :)

sanjeet said...

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