Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Since your broke my heart, I had to cut out a new one...

You are the one I saw, the one I saw that perfect night,
Your glimmering eyes were like a stambing claw,
leaving a cut in my heart so deep and tight.
You image standing there was like a angel in the mist,
your outside appearance so beautiful at first,
I figured if I never met you what I'd miss,
but then when I got to know you, you cut my
heart out with hurt.
I cry every single day, thinking about your glimmering eyes,
ignoring the sharp, piercing claws, which leaves my
life in a living sigh.
I tried to gain back the cut up pieces, even tried
with my skin, but no matter how perfect the shape of the
heart was, it didnt at all, fit in.
Now that you have gone away, away from me at last,
I still cry and shed bloody tears, thinking about
what you did in the past.
My heart now seeps out sadness, but yet slowly it mends,
because I fell in love with another person,
a man beyond all men.
I reached out my hand, and cried out to my love,
It is the Lord of all creation I love so much now,
all about Him is perfect love,
a love that is WOW!

Now my heart is back together, because He is the one
that made my heart into a man beyond all men.


Amber said...

That is amazing. I could like feel the hurt but then the "rescue" came and you changed the mood very smoothly but you notice the change. I read your profile and I am very sorry about your mom. I hope you are finding strength in the Lord. It sounds like he is really helping you though. I have a tiny taste of being hurt and betrayed and losing someone but nothing like you have had. Thanks for sharing your heart.

BTW, I fixed the follower thing so now its on there.


Anonymous said...

Wow your poems are beautiful!!! And the pictures are amazing. I am a sort of follower although my name is not on the side bar...I just love your blog.
The girl who made milk come through your nose, JR'S cousin