Sunday, July 5, 2009


After the days of countless tears,
after the moment of all the limitless sorrow,
you stand now after all these years,
and you see life's decsion road more narrow.
I cant beleive that your heart wont let anguish go,
let it flee from your inner being.
Why is your mind swirling when it comes to the right road,
what is it that your not seeing?
After time and time I tried to help you, but
you take another path, now since you wont let me help no more,
your life is wondering how long it will last.
Now this day I say I cant take it any loner, your life is
your life, even though your mind sees the right way,
it all leads to horrible strife, and you let the devil
have it's say.
Now I see you looking at a sign in the middle of the road,
which says the word, Happy, with a pointed green arrow.
You stand before it and wondering, wether this sign leads
to satisfaction and out of harm's way.
Baby, all i could tell you is to try it out, and see if
it leads you the right way.
I have had it trying to pursuade you what is right for your life,
I have had it trying to get you to see where protection and love lyes.
All I want you to do now is follow that green arrow, and see for yourself
where your future lyes.
And now, afer weeks of praying, you finally step along the green arrow's
path, finally going to see where it lyes, flee from your horrible past.
And now all I can do is sit here, and see where you will go,
because baby, what you are looking for is protection and love, and you
need it before your old.
Now I sit with a contented smile on my face, as I watch you saunter up the road
some more.
Finally, you take a right turn and follow some steps, and what you then face,
is a old wooden door.
On the door where the green arrow took you, says in big letters, happiness
and protection is behind this door, all you have to do is to knock, and wait
till your life to finally soar, flee from all the mock.
With a bit of delight now in your face, you reach out your hand and start
to knock.
And you wait to see what your going to face, and when it opened, you stood
in shock.
What was behind that door stood your happiness and protection you always wanted to
see. Baby, I been trying to tell you all these cruical times, that behind that
door is your answer, baby, it's me....


K.M. Weiland said...

Good stuff here. Heart-rending and inspiring. I'm working on a story with a similar theme, so this particular touches me right now.

so sorry.... said...

Adam i am sorry i have not had time to write=(...
this is an awesome poem it is very good...sad..happy..i can tell you put your feelings into your peotry which is an awesome may have been broken...but your poems were a wonderful thing you got out of your hurt....God Bless you...

happy said...

hahahahahahaa....u keep changing it on me...i expect to see u than i see God...ahahahaha...did u draw the picture of Jesus??? it is very nice!!!!!!i can not draw faces...everything but faces. =)
see u later =)