Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Slaughtered Heart

I died the moment you left me,
mind and soul gone with dust,
I cried the moment you stabbed me,
with a emotion like a knife of rust...
I sighed with concern about your life,
how you going to live without me?
I lied to myself you were going through no strife..
but you didnt, you showed me...

How can encrusted depression hurt so much on me,
mind and soul gone with dust...
How can you leave me after you died the last time,
that we touched?

I guess I sit here another sad day.....but then YOU
showed me wrong,
the moment I found God it took your vision along...
along with the dust...
along with the knife, caked with gruesome rust..
along with the wind,
and away from me....

Im so glad you are gone and He took your place...

now i'm free.


WOW said...

Well today I logged on and first went to my facebook then I came here and BOOM new pic AND poem AND song....awesome!!!! Love the poem dah...but now that I know your backround a bit better I understand your poems even better.
How many books have you written and how many poems???
The other day I used your photo tips Thanks they turned out fairly good.(for once)=)

Adam said...

Lol Wow, haha...thanks...and I am glad the tips worked for you. The new poem wasnt good to me, I wrote it in the mist of drama, it didnt turn out.
I have written two novels before, and a poetry book. I told you in about me...
Thanks for your kind comment.
Oh yeah, soon i'm getting Red Room published!!

Me.....again said...

I love the end of this poem ..."I'm so glad you are gone and He took your place...."
Now if it is not a secret were do you get your poems published at? And is your poetry book published? because if it is I will have to locate a copy =)
I have to admit this is not my favorite poem either but i still like it my favorite is "Red Room"
I noticed you like Twilight, why?
A good story or good writing?(both)
My favorite poem is the whole world is "Solitude" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox (1855-1915)
Do you have a favorite poem???

Adam said...


thanks, I like the ending too, i'm going to work on the middle, it wasn't good. Sorry, it is a secret, and no I havent published that book yet. I like Twilight because, well, I thought it was a intresting movie. Solitude is my fav too!!!
P.S. Why you like my blog and comment so much?
Email me, it's

fish feeder said...

I e-mailed you. Hope to hear from you soon. In short I like your blog because it's good. (simple,short and sweet.)
And I think I am the only one feeding the fish!!!!! =)