Thursday, June 25, 2009


So gently I touch my fingertips on the damp coldness,
of this foggy window before me that stops my alluring trail,
I have always been behind the window that lays before me,
the window that stops me from going to hell.
I am so happy God placed this foggy window to blur such things,
in my life, such as evil sights to behold,
all the sin that drips honey on my tounge, now because of my window
changes to nasty mold.
Now that God has given a foggy blur on all my temptation,
to get rid of all the evil and sin at last...
I can place my finger pointing to my bright future,
and away from my horrible past...
I look forward now to each day of my life,
with my little foggy window to shield all enticement,
that would forever leave a shatter to my heart if not there,
and slaughter all my spiritual excitement.
What would my life be like without my foggy damp window,
to know that would cause me to go insane,
to even know that all temptation will pour over me,
would cope me to cry out in the rain.

Without this window, that I place my finger upon,
would swathe me with malevolence on my life's trail...

without this blockage God gave me, my life would be
dispenced into hell....

God, I am so glad you gave me this block
out the love of my life: HER


worried said...

hey are you ok??? its been a few days=)

Adam said...

Molly: Yeah, why would you think i'm not okay when i havent been on here, i've been spending a few nights with a cousin...that's all.

fun in the sun said...

thats cool i just got a little worried its not like you not to answer and i e-mailed you so i thought you would answer.... i am with my cousins too =) well talk soon .... like new poem more comments later. molley