Tuesday, June 16, 2009

To my cousin....

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Miss Question said...

This is really sweet...is your cousin a follower?? Do you know "butterfly dreamer"/Cherie?
She seems really nice....
So what's up in your life??? How are you??
Well were ever you are I hope the sun keeps shining.
P.S I left comments on some of your first pics.

Adam said...

To Molly!!:

Hi Molly, let me first say I enjoyed reading all your comments, bout time someone left some down there! You seem really sweet, I live in Georgia, USA, u? GA is a pretty place to take pics...no, i dont know butterfly dreamer by person, yeah, she is sweet, check her site out. Thank You for all your comments....God bless..

Me said...

Oh, belive me I am a follower of butterfly dreamers the same night I figured out how to be a follower of yours I went to her sight too.
Well I live in Idaho. thats right Idaho,USA....i really love it but I want to travel to forign countries. How about you??? ever wanted to travel around the world??
Hay you need to post some more photos don't leave me hanging....I will only settle for a poem and a picture!!!!!=)
P.S no pressure I know you are busy=)

Adam said...

Yeah, I am mostly busy. Yeah, I would love to travel, moving to a diffrent state next year....I will post another pic and poem...just for you!! (dont get the wrong impression though, because it's a love poem.)